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Medical Genetics.

The Department of Medical Genetics was established within the Department of Internal Medicine at September 15, 2003, with the appointment of Assistant Professor Dr. Meral Yirmibeş Karaoğuz as the head of the department and Dr. Mehmet Ali Ergün as a faculty member, in addition to two lecturers, three technical staff and a secretary in its staff.

It is one of the first departments of medical genetics created in our country. dated 2004.05.31. Prof. Dr. E. Ferda Perçin Bergen was appointed after her transfer from the Faculty of Medicine, Cumhuriyet University to our department.

With the Medical Specialization Examination (MSE) at 14.06.2004, the first research assistant came to the Department for training. At December 19, 2006, the license for the “Diagnostic Center for Genetic Diseases” was obtained by the Turkish Ministry of Health in the field of “Cytogenetics and Molecular Genetics”. At 2011.3.4 Dr. Esra Tuğ was appointed as a faculty member after her transfer from Abant Izzet BaysalUniversity to our department. At 10.03.2014, one of these experts, Dr. Gülsüm Kayhan started work in the our Department. Currently there are 4 faculty members working in our department, including three professors, one professor, one expert, 3 research assistants, two specialist biologists, one biologist, one technician, and two secretaries. The department performs analyzes in clinical genetics, cytogenetics, in the fields of molecular cytogenetics and molecular genetics through clinics or medical consultations for approximately 3,500 patients annually.


Our Services

Routine Clinical Genetics: Outpatient Services and Consultation

Routine cytology: prenatal diagnosis (amniotic fluid, umbilical cord blood from CVS sample) postnatal diagnosis (from peripheral venous blood sample), post-mortem diagnosis (abortion, epidermal biopsy for autopsy, placental material, umbilical cord and blood inside the heart) is an example of that.

Routine Molecular Cellular Diagnosis: Diagnosis of common amniotic fluid and aneuploidy after direct preparation of CVS specimen (trisomy 13, trisomy 18, trisomy 21 and XY, and diagnosis of deletion syndromes from peripheral venous blood sample and other tissue samples:

Prader-Willi syndrome
Angelman syndrome
DiGeorge-Philo Cardiofacial Syndrome
Williams-Buren Syndrome
Wolf-Hirshorn Syndrome
Cri de Chate Syndrome
1p36 deletion syndrome

Detection of Mosaic Aneuploidy from Different Tissue Samples, Detection of SubtelomericRearrangements of All Chromosomes.

Routine Molecular Genetic Diagnosis: Cystic Fibrosis Mutation Screening, FM Mutation Screening, Thrombophilia Mutation Screening, Congenital Mutation Screening, Hemochromatosis Mutation Screening, Warfarin Mutation Screening, JAK2 Mutation Screening, Charcot-Marie-Tooth Mutation Screening, Y Chromosome Micro Deletion Test, Identification The Y component of the aborted material (SRY), parental excision and genotyping (STR analysis), array analysis CGH, each exome sequenced.

Our Doctors

  • Prof. Dr. Mehmet Ali Ergün
  • Prof. Dr. Ferda Emriye Perçin
  • Prof. Dr. Meral Yirmibeş Karaoğuz
  • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Esra Tuğ